Dispatching Time LLC

Dispatching Time LLC – Carrier and Dispatch Agreement

This Agreement is made on between Dispatching Time LLC, referred as Dispatcher, and the
known as Carrier.
Note: Dispatcher is a transportation dispatcher handling the necessary paperwork between a Shippers and/or Brokers and the Carrier in order to secure” Freight” or “Load” for said Carrier.

Following terms and conditions are mutually agreed between Carrier and a Dispatcher:

Responsibilities of the Dispatcher:
  • Dispatcher will handle paperwork, phone calls, and faxes from the Broker or Shipper to tender commodities shipments to Carrier for transportation in interstate commerce by Carrier between points and places within the scope of Carrier’s operating authority.
  • Dispatcher will make 100% effort to keep truck(s) loaded.
  • Dispatcher will contact (by phone call/text/email) Carrier before finalizing any load while carrier has all the rights to Accept or Reject the load.
  • Dispatching Time LLC shall not impose any upfront charges or fees on the Carrier. The Carrier will only be invoiced and charged by Dispatching Time LLC after services have been provided.
Responsibilities of the Carrier:
  • Carrier gives Dispatching Time LLC authority to provide his signature for rate confirmation sheets, invoice and associated paper works necessary for securing cargo and billing purposes.
  • Carrier in a good manner will deliver consumer items and freight cargo items for brokers and customers and perform such other transportation and related services as may be necessary to serve customers.
  • Carrier must ensure safety and compliance of the cargo being carried.
  • Carrier agrees to comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to its performance under this agreement.
  • Once a load is set up for the Carrier and all information is provided, the Carrier is responsible for handling any problems, delays, damages, or billing and collections directly with the shipping party.
  • The Carrier must follow proper loading procedures to prevent cargo from leaking, spilling, falling, or affecting the vehicle's stability or maneuverability. Appropriate measures must be taken to secure the cargo using adequate strength and equipment based on federal regulations.
Compensation of the Dispatcher:
  • Carrier will pay Dispatching Time LLC according to one of the following option (I) a flat rate fee of $250 per week (II) 5% per load of the invoice value (III) Payment terms as mutually agreed upon in writing.
  • Carrier will be invoiced once a week from Dispatching Time LLC. The invoice will be sent either Friday or Monday, for all weekly loads provided by Dispatching Time LLC, and is due on Sunday or Tuesday respectively.
  • Dispatcher will Invoice the Carrier at the time of service and also provide a copy of each Load Confirmation Sheet Carrier is being billed for.
  • Payment is due to Dispatcher at time of invoice.
General Terms and Conditions:
  • Dispatching Time LLC bears no financial or legal responsibility in the transaction between the Shipper or Broker and the Carrier.
  • The Carrier must provide qualified and licensed drivers and personnel who will perform transportation services in a safe and efficient manner.
  • The Carrier assumes responsibility for the care and safe delivery of the shipper's goods, and will be held liable for any loss, damage, or delay that occurs during transportation.
  • In case of load out / Empty Trailers or Hook and Drop Trailers, Carrier / Driver has the responsibility to fully inspect the Trailer.
  • If any part of the agreement is found invalid, it won't affect the rest of the agreement.
  • If someone is injured due to improperly loaded cargo, Dispatching Time LLC bears no responsibility.
  • This agreement establishes a non-binding relationship between the Carrier and the Dispatcher. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time without legal obligations or consequences by providing notice to the other party.
Required Documents:
  • A Copy of your motor Carrier Authority
  • A copy of W-9 Form
  • A copy of insurance Certificate
  • Notice of Assignment (if the Carrier Is Factored)
  • Voided Cheque
Carrier Profile Form:
Equipment Details:
I, hereby confirm my agreement and acceptance of all the terms and conditions stated above.